a three month update…

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oops! So, in mid-September, I got a job.  Which, it turns out, severely cuts into blogging time.  Well, it severely cuts into free time, and blogging was the thing that went (as compared to reading, which was the thing that I now find time for on the bus and at lunch and far too late in the evening…).

So, I have, though, been lucky enough to have reviewed a number of young adults for Bookgeeks, and I had a wonderful few days vacation over the holidays.

The riding is also going well.  I’m at Finlow Hill–which is a smaller stable, but it’s working for me right now. I’ve also managed to join the local BHS committee–here’s hoping that it helps me get plugged into the local eventing community a bit more.

The end of December/beginning of January has been a good time for books. I re-read a ton of books I love (both of Kristin Cashore’s books, a few Agatha Christies, a few Mary Stewart’s books), and I read a number of new ones that I enjoyed (Jim Butcher’s newest Codex Alera book and The Atheist’s Guide to Christmas to name two). Other than that, life has settled, mostly. We are getting all ready for our trip to Nicaragua in April for a friend’s wedding and hoping that life just goes smoothly for awhile.

building a new life, brick by brick

bricksI’ve been in the U.K. nearly ten months now, and it has been amazing.  Rainy, snowy, sunny, exciting, (and, during driving lessons, occasionally terrifying), fun, and fascinating. Since February (when I have been keeping an “official” (okay, June is a bit shaky) tally), I have read over 150 book and started reviewing for Bookgeeks.  Who, I must say, are all sorts of awesome.

Aside from the fantastic Bookgeeks, I’ve also finally started reaching out and actively building a life here. Mostly by learning how to drive, which I must admit has been terrifying, hysterical, and frustrating all at once. The hysterical bits are usually at the beginning of the lesson when I reach for the seatbelt on the wrong side or (just the once!) stick my hand out the window while I thought I was reaching for the stick shift. Oops. Luckily, I appear to have the worlds-most-unflappable driving instructor, so he just gently corrects me, and we move on. (After telling me the story of one student who managed to drive into the centre of a roundabout and then attempt to flee the car in his stress and terror). Trust me, being a middle school teacher and being a driving instructor are closer than you might believe.  At least the fourteen year olds don’t have control of a thousand pounds of steel. Continue reading

oops! my wishlist just hit one hundred! (and other dangers of librarything)

Librarything has just been going from strength to strength lately. I’ve been a member since 2006, and Librarything became my favourite *thing* ever when I moved all of my books from San Diego, California to Manchester, England late last year. I had a list of every book, organized by box, painlessly scanned in with a barcode scanner. In fact, the only bit of the process that was disorganized was me–I stopped about every third book or so, distracted by favourite paragraphs.

And recently, Librarything introduce *collections*. Now, if you are a at all like me, you….overthink…the organization of your books. I like to claim it as a necessity. With over a thousand books, surely it’s better if I’m organized? I had always loved Libarything’s tags, but, being the uhhhh…focused?…person that I am, I didn’t like adding books I didn’t own to my library because they weren’t, well, mine. I know, I could have tagged them, but they still would have counted into my “library” total, and that just felt wrong. Now, though, now I have collections. With collections, I can have a section of books named “read but not owned” where I can list all of my borrowed and library checked-out books. And, of course, now I have a wishlist. And a wishlist widget (both above and to the left). Continue reading