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Bee lessons for April 23rd

A quick lesson on bees! Today, you are going to learn a bit about bees and think about how they behave.

1st: a bit about bees

Bees are a buzzy part of the garden outside. Read through this BBC bitesize article about bees and complete the activity at the bottom. Come back to this page when you are done!

2nd: Maddie tells us a bit about bee behaviour

Maddie Moate takes us through some bee behaviour. She is going to tell us about how bees sting and why they swarm. These are important behaviours!

First, let’s watch a video on why bees swarm:

After you have watched the video, scroll down and leave a comment that answers these questions:

  • Why do bees swarm? What does a swarm look like? (Remember to use complete sentences. Extra credit for using “and” or “because”!)

Our next video talks about how bees STING (ouch!). Remember, bees generally don’t want to sting anything, so you don’t need to worry! Just give them the space they need to pollinate the plants in our parks and gardens.

Now, scroll back down to the comments and answer this question about bees!

  • What happens when a bee stings something?

Remember to use complete sentences. Extra credit for using “and” or “because”!

3rd: MMMMM honey

We are going to learn about something that would make Winnie-the-Pooh a very happy bear! We are going to learn a bit about how bees make honey and take a look at honeycomb under the microscope.

First, watch this video about how bees make honey.

Maddie tells us all about what it takes to make honey.

  • Now, you can either scroll down and write down the steps needed to make honey OR you can get a separate piece of paper and draw a picture of the steps it takes to make honey!

Finally, we are going to take a close look at some honeycomb with Maddie’s special microscope and camera. Watch this video.

For your last activity, you can either add to what you wrote below on the steps to make honey or add a sketch of some honeycomb to your illustration.

Thanks so much for spending some sweet time with us learning all about bees and honey. Check back later for more fun activities!