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P.C. Hodgell, she’s back, thank goodness (also, so’s the blog)

Of course, the over-the-top typical of Baen Books cover is still there (One of the more hilarious aspects of the covers vs the story is how often it is integral to the plot that Jame is mistaken for her twin brother, or just a boy in general, which is clearly impossible if she…had the assets of the girl on the cover).

I have, as always, written a proper review of it over at BookGeeks, but I can’t resist being gleeful over here as well.  I can (vividly) remember a time when I would repeatedly buy extra copies of “God Stalk” and “Dark of the Moon” because they were the only Kencyrath novels available, and how, when the gorgeous Meisha Merlin editions came out (and were super expensive), I seriously considered selling my warmest coat (not a small thing in Minnesota) in order to afford them (it made sense at the time, college can do that to you). Eventually I decided that frostbite would make it difficult to turn pages, and I waited a bit for more reasonably priced versions…and waited, and waited.  But Hodgell has finally hooked up with Baen, and the last few years have seen Jame’s story spiral out from its beginnings in Tai-Tastigon to encompass the wider world of Rathillien.

I won’t go into any of the details of the plot (except to say, of course, that it is loads of fun and everyone should read the books…), but it does make me think about how certain books end up more a part of everyday life than others. I’m sure a lot depends on when you read them, but this series in particular (and “anything written by Connie Willis”) has ended up being one of those series that feels like it punctuates my life. And I absolutely love that new books in the series are coming out at a regular pace, and that Baen has such incredible ebook policies, so I can own many copies of them both on the bookshelf and on the computer. I’ve also learned a lot about the publishing business, watching a talented writer get dropped and picked up and dropped again, and finally find a “home” was fascinating in a heartbreaking sort of way. I vividly remember, as well, when I discovered that Hodgell writes (fairly frequently) on Livejournal  (I’m pretty sure I gasped aloud; I know I whirled around and announced it to everyone near me in the computer lab). I had read other, more famous, author’s blogs, but there was something about knowing that Hodgell was still writing in that universe (and that there! would! be! more! books!) that was infinitely pleasing.  So, yeah, go read the books?

The blog has been on hiatus partially because I broken my collarbone (Totally don’t recommend, and had *nothing* to do with the little mare), and partially because work has suddenly slammed up a gear when I moved from lovely move at your own pace research to actually being involved with…other people. So hopefully there will be both more time to post, now that I’ve got a handle on my new responsibilities, and more things to post about (as I’m sure everyone is just on tenterhooks waiting to hear about higher education at Manchester).