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testing, testing, one, two three

Warning, this post is a bit stream of (un)consciousness¬†as I was using it to test functionality and am sleepy. Soooo….computer froze. Apparently, as I clicked about to see if yes, it really was frozen, I also completely messed up my blog’s database. Le sigh. Anyways, I decided to try and see what happens when I add a new post. But since it’s late and I’m tired, I will just reprint an older post (with a now broken link, so at least you can read it now if this all works). And wwoooooo, that worked, so I have deleted said older post. Of course, now I still have to deal with some Error 400 pages with other things, but at least I can ninja-edit on the post itself.

Not that I ever *do* mock people in IT, but it’s stuff like this that makes mocking people in IT a loser’s bet. Also have just now sorted a few other things (error page), but am putting off till tomorrow things like easy image insertion into posts. ¬†Sheesh. Oh, by the way, that’s Antwerp. Isn’t it nice? More on that later.