in manchester, musings

Sunshine. That is all.

sun The view through what may be the draftiest window in the building. Luckily for me, the view is right next to my desk. Unluckily, that also means the draft is a constant tickle on the back of my neck, but at some point you have to take what you can get. And look at the sun!

Life here is good. Work is insane. Getting people organized into meetings is something like herding squirrels.  You can tempt them with nuts, but I’m pretty sure you really need to let some kind of cat loose behind them to really get it moving.

I’ve started loaning a horse.  More time to ride! Hacks in the morning! As soon as I get the 17h boy to stand still for more than two seconds there will be both a picture and a post.  For now, let’s all just enjoy the sun.