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Thursday Tea: Finger-lickin Fifteen by Janet Evanovich

Thursday Tea is a lovely meme hosted by Anastasia at Birdbrain(ed) Book Blog.  I first found it through the wonderful Beth Fish Reads.  Here’s how it works: Tell us what tea you are drinking (and if you like it). And then tell us what book are you reading (and if you like it). Finally, tell us if they go together.

The tea:

Fortnum and Mason’s Christmas Blend: first, I should mention that we fmteadid get this as…a Christmas gift.  But, I’ve kept the tin sealed, and the tea seems to be doing fine.  It’s a lovely black tea with orange peel and various other flavourings.  I only tend to drink it when I need a strong pick-me-up, though, as it *feels* quite caffeinated!

The book: Finger-Lickin Fifteen by Janet Evanovich

This book is the most recent in the Stephanie Plum series.  Although it’s sp151definitely full of pranks and hijinks that will be familiar to readers of the series, there are still a number of laugh out loud bits, and Stephanie is still the last person you would ever want to loan your car.  Although it doesn’t have the depth that the thirteenth in the series did (and even Stephanie feels she is spinning her wheels a bit), it was still a fun, cheerful read and definitely felt appropriate for the summer! Even the British, intermittently rainy, summer.

Do they go together?

Ummm, well, Stephanie is most emphatically not a Fortnum and Mason’s sort of girl, but they both served to brighten up my day.

What are you drinking and reading this week?