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oops! my wishlist just hit one hundred! (and other dangers of librarything)

Librarything has just been going from strength to strength lately. I’ve been a member since 2006, and Librarything became my favourite *thing* ever when I moved all of my books from San Diego, California to Manchester, England late last year. I had a list of every book, organized by box, painlessly scanned in with a barcode scanner. In fact, the only bit of the process that was disorganized was me–I stopped about every third book or so, distracted by favourite paragraphs.

And recently, Librarything introduce *collections*. Now, if you are a at all like me, you….overthink…the organization of your books. I like to claim it as a necessity. With over a thousand books, surely it’s better if I’m organized? I had always loved Libarything’s tags, but, being the uhhhh…focused?…person that I am, I didn’t like adding books I didn’t own to my library because they weren’t, well, mine. I know, I could have tagged them, but they still would have counted into my “library” total, and that just felt wrong. Now, though, now I have collections. With collections, I can have a section of books named “read but not owned” where I can list all of my borrowed and library checked-out books. And, of course, now I have a wishlist. And a wishlist widget (both above and to the left).

To no one’s surprise, my wishlist, after a week, has already hit one hundred books. They are a mix of books I’ve read and loved and those I not only want to read but want to own. This is important–if I just wanted to read them, I would check them out of the library, but these are books that, for one reason or another, I want to have with me in the house. Sometimes it’s because I read and loved them years ago; sometimes it’s because they are books from authors I adore; sometimes, I admit, it’s because they are reissues of books I don’t yet own with new gorgeous covers (see the amazing reissues of the Chandler books). Either way, I love having an easy to access list of books I want–even if I might have to make do with a loaned library copy before getting one of my own.