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watch out, learner driver on the road

Well, I didn’t get the job I wanted–which is frustrating–but I’m getting much better at revising my CV and filling out applications.  I’m now looking around at a few teaching positions and some secretarial/admin.  Really, I just want to feel more independent.

On that front, though, I’m taking driving lessons! My husband and I thought that, since my manual transmission skills were nearly nil anyway and driving on the right was going to be nerve-wracking, I should take some lessons before I try and take the test for my UK license.  I’ve suprised myself in a few ways.  The first is that I actually enjoy driving stick.  I will admit that at stoplights it’s still strange to take my foot off the brake, but I like the control that the clutch and the stick give me.  Plus, obviously, it feels much cooler.

The second way I’ve surprised myself was both how nervous AND how brave I feel like I’m being.  I will admit to nearly being ill about ten minutes before my first lesson.  But, I’ve really been suprisingly comfortable.  As long as I’m not turning right across extremely busy Manchester traffic.  But, really, comfortable and happy to be driving.  I think driving will make me feel more independent and like I can contribute.  Even if what it really means is that I can now find more places to ride!