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walls, tumbling (quietly though)

construction Since well before we moved in to our current flat, there has been a derelict building (a large one) on the corner of the road.  Surrounded by a frighteningly spiky fencing and well-established bramble bush that hid most of the building from view in a very Sleeping Beauty sort of way, it had been steadily crumbling at its own pace (occasionally helped along, I think, by squatters and various animals).  Recently, we’d noticed that the trees were being torn out and the bramble flattened.  Suddenly, a few days ago, the building was gone and only piles of bricks remained.

The scary fence is still there (hence the vaguely surreptitious photos), but it has been amazing to watch this building being taken down so quickly and efficiently.  One day: building. Next day: bricks.  And all without us hearing any noise at all.  We’re only about half a block away–we regularly hear people driving by on the main road  (and experienced a mini-earthquake when a neglected church collapsed across the way)–but this building came down without a sound. There wasn’t even any beeping or equipment noise–let alone, you know, bricks falling down and crashing to the ground.

The building was definitely a hazard, and I’m glad it’s down.  I hope that whatever is put in its place is functional and not terrible looking. The plot of land it stood on is really quite large–the building used to be a medium sized hotel (a fact we discovered when the brambles had been torn up, and we could see the sign), and there was still room for grounds around it.  We have no idea what will go up–although odds are that it will be a block of flats (or just sit there empty for awhile) or some other sort of housing.  Either way though, I’ll always be impressed with the speed and skill with which this one was taken down to make some room.