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she went to paris, looking for answers…

paris to questions like….who knew that one of the many attractions of the Pompidou would be its amazing air conditioning? (anyone start humming Jimmy Buffet? just me? okay)

We went to Paris on a mini-break a few weeks ago.  Right in the middle of the heat wave that appears to have used up all of the sunshine allotted for this summer at once.  It was really, really warm.  Really, really warm.  So warm, that, after dinner our first night there, we drank a two litre bottle of water. Each. Before falling asleep an hour later.

It was fun to visit Paris again.  I loved feeling so familiar and comfortable in my surroundings. I even remembered the metro lines we needed to take to various places. And Paris has such distinctive architecture and monuments–it’s a pleasure just to look at the skyline.

The meals were wonderful.  We went the first night to a place famous for its soufflés.  They were amazing.  There was also an amazing steak for the one person who didn’t want to soufflé it up until dessert. And the dessert, oh, the dessert.  Chocolate soufflé excellence.

Our second night, I managed to find a restaurant that I’d eaten in once about seven years ago.  (Luckily, the Ile Saint-Louis is very small, so it’s easy to find something just by wandering.)  It’s a restaurant that used to have a live jazz band in the mezzanine–that’s been replaced by a piano player tucked under the stairwell but still a fun experience. We were still desperately dehydrated though, and just couldn’t seem to drink enough water, which did put a damper on the entire trip.

We only had one full day there–and most of that was spent at the Pompidou and various cafes.  We spent some time in the Tuilleries as well and ate well. Really, though, we came back needing a rest from our vacation.  Luckily, we had a day at home before either of us needed to go anywhere. Also luckily, it hasn’t been that hot and humid lately.  I’ll take intermittent showers over 90 degrees and 90% humidity any day.