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busman’s holidays, audio books, and utter exhaustion

copperWell, I’m finally back from a sort-of vacation back to Southern California.  (One of the highlights of which was eating as much Mexican food as I could in ten days.  Hint, that’s a LOT of Mexican food, but not ENOUGH Mexican food: subtle difference there…) I went to announce at the horseshow at Copper Meadows, an eventing venue in Ramona, California. It was a fantastic time–I announced all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (basically, I was blathering on about horses, sponsors, photographers, and following rules for twelve hours a day–and yet, totally fun.)  I then tried to hang out with everyone possible in the ten days remaining.  And ride. a lot.  I got the riding in (thanks Sarah and Nancy!), but I had a hard time finding enough time to hang out with everyone.  Partially, it was because a friend of mine has just had a baby, and it was just so easy to spend a few days just being mellow with the new mom and baby–and partially it was because, between the riding and the working and the running around, I kept falling asleep by 9pm.

I made an unusual choice (for me) on this trip: I only brought three books.  Well, three books in my bag.  On my iPhone, I had about fifteen books in e-book form and ten audio books.  Except for one minor breakdown (I saw Christopher Moore’s newest Fool, and I had to buy it to get me through the 5 hour wait for the second leg of my trip). It worked quite well–my carry-on was much lighter, and Iwas able to live out of one small bag for the twelve days.

Of course, I knew I would be able to borrow books (from friends and family) and, it turned out, I was so busy I basically stuck my headphones in my ears with an audiobook on at 9pm and was asleep by 9:15, so it wasn’t a regular vacation.  I think, if any down-time had actually been possible, I would have *needed* my normal ten or twelve books, but this time it worked. (Now, if anyone could help me out with the really, really bad farmer’s tan I managed to acquire while there, that would be great.)