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intermittent clouds and interesting neighbours

From Manchester

Things I’ve learned since November:

  • Calling potato chips “crisps” is going to take a few more months of residence.  It still feels silly to say.
  • Next-door neighbour lady is getting a little weirder each day. Yesterday, she began the morning by yelling at the plants outside. Last night? 12am hammering.  This morning? When we asked her not to hammer (nicely!)? She told us she was “holding the walls up.”
  • Sometimes it’s good to have crazy neighbours, at least it’s fun to talk about.
  • It’s not going to be easy to get another job.
  • It pays to be brave.  In my previous not-married, not-in-England, and not-without-work life, I would never have emailed the bookgeeks and asked if I could review for them. And I would totally have been missing out since I’ve ended up with copies of this book and this book (and other just as lovely ones!). (Plus, it turns out I really enjoy having the chance to write about books).
  • And, writing reviews means I have been thankedtwice…by authors for…writing the reviews.  Trust me, it felt like I should have sent them emails/comments back that were more like “no..thank you for writing such great books” if I hadn’t been afraid it would come off as a) weird and b) one of those comedy routines where people say thank you back and forth forever.
  • The weather here is never boring; and I may be allergic to the entire concept of a country that has seasons.
  • Arrested Development is genius. (But, I already knew that.)