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March reading..and bookcases!

bigsleepMarch was a bit distracted, reading-wise, by the purchase of Fallout 3 for our Xbox 360.  At one point, I was reading Her Majesty’s Dragon on my iPhone anytime the screen had to load, so I did do my best.

I’d have to admit the highlight of the month was the re-issue of the Chandler.  Oh, my, how I coveted that book when I saw the covers.  I coveted all of them, actually, but I was ecstatic when the very cool bookgeeks let me know that I could get my hands on one of them to review. And I was even happier that it was The Big Sleep–one of my favourite Chandlers. The book did not disappoint, and you can see my review here at the bookgeeks site.

After the Chandler, I read the Doctorow, the Dragon, the Pratt, and Assassin’s Apprentice all on Stanza on the iPhone. It was a mixed experience.  I really enjoyed how convenient it was. My husband really enjoyed falling asleep without the gentle flipping of pages.  I also liked the chance to check out new authors (I took heavy advantage of the various free and promotional libraries attached to Stanza).  In the end, though, the experience still has a ways to go. Oddly enough, one of my biggest frustrations (besides the tiny page size) was that I couldn’t tell where I was in the book.  Apparently, I have been using the physical text as a secondary reference–I liked to know when the end is approaching.  I actually got a little anxious at points because I couldn’t tell where in the plot/book I was.  It was an interesting realization.

And then, last weekend, our bookcases (all four of them) arrived. And I finally got to shelve all of my books. As 1000+ books won’t all fit nicely, I had to get creative and the doubling of some of the shelves created some entertaining new categories.  There was the “oh no, I like this cover, it can’t be hidden” category, and the “I read this so often that it needs to be in front” category (which ended up covering thirty odd books). As it is, I am incredibly happy that all of my books now have a place–and that they are all divided by subject. Sometimes, I walk by and just run my fingers along the spines to say hello.

It’s not Dewey, but it will do.