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sunshine type thoughts

sun1Well, although March has refused to disavow its “lion” status (we had quite the wind/hail storm here on Sunday night), it has still been mostly sunny.  And the light has stuck around until almost 6pm each evening.  I haven’t wanted to say too much about it for fear that the rain would hear me and decide it was missed.  Note to rain: it’s been cool how you’ve been showing up at night to keep us company/make cool sounds on the skylights and then going away during the day.  Keep it up.

To take advantage of the fact that our computer area/couch gets almost all of the sunlight, and in an attempt to become at least a little more productive, I’ve been..playing around on the internet.  What? Trust me, as a teacher, I had almost zero “extra” time to spend exploring and thinking about anything other than teaching. I loved my job and my students, but it was hard to get my head above the water enough to look around at what else was going on.

Really, though, I have been learning a lot.  I used to be a permanent “lurker” on websites; I’d rarely comment, and I would never, ever try to carry on a conversation with the author or others around the blog.  Sure, I loved reading about the various goings on at the food whore, finslippy, and Penelope Trunk’s blog (among, well, lots of others) but I rarely commented because, well, I wouldn’t walk over and talk to them at a party? And, for some reason, commenting on a blog had a similar wall around it.  So, what am I doing now? Well, if there is a post I relate to, or can empathize with, I try and say it. Of course, I still hesitate quite a bit, and I totally agonize over any mistakes (grammatical or otherwise), but it has been fun to actually join in the conversations.

All of this has prompted me to, yet again, re-write my C.V. and cover letter. In addition to being able to write reviews for bookgeeks (see sidebar!) and re-do this blog, all of the commenting I’m doing is helping me find a stronger voice in my own writing.  As I’m interacting, I’m getting a better feel for who I am and what I can do, and I want to include in the materials I give to potential employers.  (I also want to get a job.  Please.) So I blog, and comment, and read, and look around for a job. All of which seems much more reachable now that it’s sunny most of the day.