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phobias, stressful and often spiky

1cholaNote: I am not afraid of cacti.  These, in particular, look fuzzy and fun–although they live up to their name of “jumping cholla” when you get near enough for their spines to get you.

I am, however, afraid of heights.  And a job-search always brings out a fear or two. So what did I do over these last two days? Went bouldering and then prepared to drop off more resumes and nag more temp agencies for any possible work.

The fear of heights issue is easy to understand.  Who doesn’t worry, at least a little, about falling? Luckily, bouldering keeps you mostly close to the ground, and I got good at only looking staight at the wall during some of the higher runs. The strangest bit was that, although I didn’t like going up, it was the idea of reaching the top and having to go back down (or maybe just looking down?) that caused me to cling desperately to the wall.  I made repeated deals with myself: to reach the third hold, then the fourth, the the fifth.  Eventually, I reached the top of a few of the easier climbs.  It turned out that bouldering was fun.  And a great arm and back work-out. Now, two days later I can barely lift my arms above my head.

The job search, well, it is going slowly.  There is nothing like moving out of your original profession, out of your native county, and into a world wide economic meltdown all at the same time.  I’ve dropped my resume off at a few temp agencies, and I’m writing out some cover letters to go with the additional copies I’m dropping off tomorrow and Friday. The agencies have been positive, but most have told me point blank that there is little or no money for temps in the workplace right now. They are hopeful that it will start looking better at the end of the month, but right now, not a lot going on…at least, I’m lucky that I don’t need to get a job immediately, but I can see how constantly looking and not getting a job starts to get very, very frustrating. As it is, I am exhausted–although happy that I managed to climb at least a wall or two this week!