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fun freezing february

winterfebWell, in February I read twenty-three books–a pretty good total considering I spent three days hidden under the duvet unable to read more than a page at a time without my eyes crossing and the world spinning around me. A little over half of the books, fifteen, were re-reads for me.  Not surprising, since my default response to stress or uncertainty is to re-read, and I am still recovering from being separated from my library for six months. I was also lucky enough to get a few books through bookgeeks, all of which were fun.

I found comfort in the series I read, especially.  I am quite good at *hiding* in a book when I am stressed, and a series is an easy way to keep the mood going.  I don’t have to adjust to new characters or settings, and I can carry over the comfort I feel from book to book.  Plus, I’m a big fan of re-reading a book I’ve loved.  Why not enjoy the story and characters again?  It’s one of the issues I have with DRM and ebooks; I’m not sure of their durability, and I’m worried that, whether because of format changes or hardware issues, I will somehow lose some of the books I’ve bought and not be able to read them again. (never mind that my library is already perilously close to the limited number of books the Kindle can hold–that’s a different issue)

But, I did do something other than read this month, and I am trying to make one significant step each week in creating a life here.  I found somewhere to ride–priority one after unpacking the books–; I got into the NHS system, and I’ve unpacked and gotten rid of all of the boxes.  I didn’t have a lot of stress, in reality, but I am slowly getting used to living in the U.K. So, besides the books, the accomplishments for this month are:

  • becoming more comfortable with the public transit system. I’m really MOST comfortable on the route I ride to the barn as I take it every week, but I’m not terrified of getting on the bus anymore. I’m still more inclined to walk, though.
  • getting my C.V. re-written and in at some temp agencies. Although, now I realize that I’m going to have to write a cover letter and re-submit it it until I get a job.
  • a bank account! This is actually something I’ve been trying to do for awhile, but it took some time to acquire all of the documentation they wanted.
  • went bouldering! Well, bouldering in a climbing centre, but still.  I regularly become paralysed with fear on the edge of small hills, so this was a big deal for me.  Plus, it was fun.  Even if I am still sore THREE days later.

It’s been a good month. I hope that in March I get a job (goal one for right now) and maybe find a horse to share.  And keep reading, of course.