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falling in love with the english countryside, one season at a time

winterfebRemember this? Even though I moved here in November, it was the winter that really struck me.  A little over a month ago, the snow was crunching under my feet, and I was wearing four layers while attempting to go for a run. These last two weeks, though, there were leaves on the trees and bulbs blooming everywhere. I added ten minutes to my walk into town because I kept being distracted by the bright purple and yellows of the flowers or a tree that started leafing out in bright green. Or the sun, which has been making an astonishing number of appearances in March. I’ve been making smoothies and opening every window in the flat with something that is not far short of glee.

I’ve seen seasons before. Contrary to popular opinion, it does go from a bit cold to really, really, really warm where I lived in California, and Minnesota was nothing if not obvious in its swing from oh-my-god-my-hair-has-frozen cold to mosquito-biting-humid-filled-heat, but I somehow missed seeing the sort of transition I’m seeing here.  Maybe it’s because the flowers weren’t buried under snow, or that Minnesotans plant more crops than flowers along the roadways, but I’m entranced by all of the color and life that has sprung up in a few short weeks. Let’s be honest, the plants I am most familiar with are tumbleweed, cacti, and palm trees, not a lot going on season-wise there, so seeing trees unfurling their leaves and flowers growing makes my day. Couple that with the sun we’ve been getting, and I’m wandering around feeling extremely cheerful. Happy first day of Spring, folks.  Can’t wait to see what happens next.