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a poem, lovely and true

YouTube – Blueberry Girl – New from Neil Gaiman.

You know those days when you wake up just a little bit…befuddled? And resistant? I tend to wake up like that when I have something to do that I don’t want to (i.e. walk to the temp agencies and try again for a job).  I’m sluggish, and slow, and can think of so many things I would rather be doing than putting on makeup and walking the 50 minutes into the city centre.  But, I want a job, and I want to go for a run before I leave today, so I blended some soy milk, a banana, and some pineapple into a smoothie and sat down and watched this gorgeous little video. Neil Gaiman’s voice (and, if you haven’t listened to his other audio books, you are missing out) combines perfectly with the gorgeous imagery and illustrations.  This little poem makes you breathe a little slower and deeper and look around at the world with optimism instead of stress. It reminds me to sit quietly, listen to what is around me, and keep trying.