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winter, weather, what?

winterBy far, the most popular question I get asked about my move here is

You must really hate the weather, huh?

Now, first of all, that is simply not true. Yes, I’m originally from San Diego, and yes, I now live in Manchester. But, just because the weather is different, doesn’t mean it’s worse. It’s just different, and I’ll be honest, there were times when I could feel that I had, in fact, gotten too much sun. Usually after a day announcing at an event or out at a clinic in the sun for six to eight hours. I come from somewhere where there is not enough water to go around. Where we worry that, soon, there will be water-rationing.  Rain, to me, is something that is waited for–and the sound of it falling is a good thing.
So, do I mind the rain, right now? Not so much. I don’t like the fact that I don’t seem to own appropriate footwear. (Who knew how many open toed shoes I had?) I am liking, however, the snow. We haven’t had as much as the rest of England, just enough to be pretty without causing too much chaos.
So, no, I don’t dislike the weather. I did choose to move here, and I can always go somewhere sunny for a visit. I own a cool, colourful umbrella, and I ride somewhere with a covered arena. Now, I just need to own more than one pair of close-toed shoes.