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well, it has been a fun few days…

If only because I have had to dredge my few CSS and HTML skills back from the beyond where they had hoped to fade into obscurity and attempt to use them again.  Luckily, I had learned from previous experience to always, always, always have a clean copy of whatever I was working on so that when I, inevitably, really messed things up, I could at least start over. I even started getting into it and assigning version numbers to pages I had edited, so as not to lose all of the work each time I made a mistake at the very end.

I’ve really enjoyed the last few days of playing with WordPress.  I’ve had this domain name for several years now, but it used to hold the forum I used in my classroom.  I had that sort of system down, but getting more into WordPress, it was fun to be a student again.  Everytime I did something new, I was learning something new.  Which led to trying something else.  Which lead, usually, to me crashing the entire site for a few brief terrifying moments until I got the hang of whatever it was I had done.

That being said, I obviously had help, both the google-and-find-an-answer sort and the more specific kind from my husband, who is a much better programmer than I am and turned out to be very patient with all of my mucking about. Of course, one of his goals for me this year is to learn Python (it’s on the list! I’ll start soon!).

Expect the site to be in flux for the next few weeks as I play with it more.