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You know you’ve left the country when…

IM conversation between me and a friend:
Me: Hey!! I haven’t heard from you in awhile!
Friend: Yeah, I keep calling you, but you never call back!
Me: Eh? That must be expensive, but I’ve never had any missed calls.
Friend: Why would it be expensive? It’s a local number!
Me: Uhhh, England, no England is not local to L.A. Hollywood is far, far away from Manchester.
Friend: Oh, you LIVE there now?
Me: Yes? You knew this? right?
Friend: Well, I thought you would have hated it and moved back by now.
Me: ? ? ?

Ha. She’s a good friend, but she apparently had little faith in my ability not to melt when it rains. She was one of the people who gave me an umbrella for a wedding present. (I got a total of SIX, mostly from nervous Californians–I only brought one over–not enough room in the suitcase for the rest).
I do, in fact, like it here a lot. In all honesty, I prefer rain to Santa Anna winds and the ensuing static build-up. Plus, you know, my husband lives here!