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job hopping, qualifications, and anxiety…

I knew that getting a job in the U.K. would be different and difficult. I knew that trying to leave teaching and try something new when the economy seems to be in free-fall was….problematic. Plus, trying to get a new job, any job, for which you have few contacts (and all of your references are a continent away) is always more difficult. I knew all these things. But, I don’t think I had realized what that would mean emotionally. It’s almost like playing a game without knowing the rules. Or even being sure of where the field is.

Right now, I’m definitely also trying to find a life here, somewhere to ride, figure out where to grocery shop. I’m lucky enough to have found somewhere that will let me write as many book reviews as I would like–which helps, because reading is my go-to anxiety assuaging activity. But, eventually, I’d also like to contribute to the house in a non-dishwashing capacity!