in musings

even during the summer…

Mondays are tough.
I’m definitely an over-committer. I wish there was some sort of over-committer anonymous where we could all stand up, and list the things we have agreed to do, and practice saying “no” or “maybe next time” or “sure, but I have to finish X first.”
It would certainly simplify my life–as obviously merely being aware of the problem does nothing except make me stressed out that I am so busy in addition to already stressing out about the reasons that I am so busy. I love everything I do, and it is difficult for me to “give up” anything is order to do something else..or sleep. I think that this tendency helps in my teaching, if only because I can handle the reality that is committee work, paperwork, and actual classroom work. But, it does tire me out and make me wonder whether I am really doing my best work.

Hopefully, next year I can work on focus and commitment and calmness. I just want to do the best I can with what I have, without giving up on necessities like more than four hours of sleep and time to talk to my friends!

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