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"satan"s evening gown and other stories

Grading is exhausting. Marathon grading (of the sort I did this weekend) is exhausting, but I think that there is a groove you get into with a solid day of grading that I never quite hit if I try to divide it up into daily manageable piles. Of course, in my defense, the previous Monday I had been all caught up–and by Friday I was sixty-four Writer’s Workshop binders in the hole.
I love Writer’s Workshop–it’s an amazing (and amazingly effective!) way to teach the art of writing to a diverse group of students. I am not the most eloquent of people–but if you’re interested in learning more you can always look at their website here .
Back to the grading, I was reading through one of my student’s “scary” stories, and he had proudly clothed his female lead in only the best fashion. What was it? You guessed it—a “satan” “goochy” evening gown. This was soon topped by the student who set her scary story in the classroom and had the desks turn into portals to “heck”–which turned out to be…her mom’s car when her sister was learning to drive.
They’ve written a piece a week without realizing it; they’ve not whined too much; it’s three weeks till break, and, fair or foul, my grades are in for the first trimester.
What’s not to love?