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yet another page to read, yet another site to check

One of the things I love most about the internet is the surprises you can find in someone else’s list of links. Today I hopped around a few book-blogs and ended up at the Oxford University Press blog. At first, I merely stared, astonished that the company that received such a high percentage of my meager wages in college had a blog, but soon I was so wrapped up in what the site has to offer that the nostalgia faded into the background.

It’s hard to beat their guest bloggers. The writers range from NPR gurus, to celebrated writers, to two men who appear to enjoy arguing about the second amendment a lot–and all write quite articulately and with the quality you would expect from OUP. This blog does not have the “personal” element and is not tied together by the tone of one dominant writer (although several of the bloggers have regular columns). It definitely has a more casual “feel” to it than an official website would (and directs you to the offical OUP *mothership* on their sidebar). The articles are erudite, interesting, and make me smile at the memory of those “notes” I never quite got to at the end of my edition of Middlemarch.