a three month update…

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oops! So, in mid-September, I got a job.  Which, it turns out, severely cuts into blogging time.  Well, it severely cuts into free time, and blogging was the thing that went (as compared to reading, which was the thing that I now find time for on the bus and at lunch and far too late in the evening…).

So, I have, though, been lucky enough to have reviewed a number of young adults for Bookgeeks, and I had a wonderful few days vacation over the holidays.

The riding is also going well.  I’m at Finlow Hill–which is a smaller stable, but it’s working for me right now. I’ve also managed to join the local BHS committee–here’s hoping that it helps me get plugged into the local eventing community a bit more.

The end of December/beginning of January has been a good time for books. I re-read a ton of books I love (both of Kristin Cashore’s books, a few Agatha Christies, a few Mary Stewart’s books), and I read a number of new ones that I enjoyed (Jim Butcher’s newest Codex Alera book and The Atheist’s Guide to Christmas to name two). Other than that, life has settled, mostly. We are getting all ready for our trip to Nicaragua in April for a friend’s wedding and hoping that life just goes smoothly for awhile.

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  1. Estara

    Jennie, here via the bookgeeks, and I thought this post was most appropriate to what I wanted to ask/tell you! P.C. Hodgell’s newest Bound in Blood is available (and a ride as always)! – I’m from Germany, and in case you’re in the UK now, you can easily by the ebook version at webscriptions.net – they don’t care if you have a non-US credit card or paypal account. Of course there’s always the bookdepository.com.

    The author is getting a bit worried on whether she’s picking up new readers, so I linked her to your reviews (which from what I can see actually are the newest ones out there… more’s the pity).

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